About us

We're the Bonnebon Confectionery Company...

Based in the UK our job is to bring you the BEST tasting confectionery, at the best prices, delivered straight to you door.

We started by accident...
After a fateful online order went terribly wrong we decided to start our own sweet shop with an emphasis on quality and service, couple that with our knowledge of confectionery and our desire to operate our business responsibly and the Bonnebon Confectionery Company was born.

Nothing to waste...
We've spent a little extra money and a LOT of extra time sourcing our packaging to ensure it is either 100% fully recycleable or compostable and that any food waste we have is either provided to our local food bank or disposed of responsibly because we actually care about where it goes and what is done with it!!!

Yes...we sell sweets...
We would never say we did anything else and all of our products have their most up to date ingredients available so you can make an informed decision regarding your purchases. We are also currently in the process of developing a "traffic lights" style system for allergy awareness and dietary requirements which will be available on every single photo.

We hope you enjoy!!!..
We don't sell anything we wouldn't eat ourselves (except toxic wastes, those things are an exception)

The Bonnebon Confectionery Co.
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